Hi. My name is Clara.

I’m here because I want to know food better, cook better, discover and rediscover what I’m drawn to. Writer and writing teacher Brenda Ueland once wrote that to know anything better—your husband, your kids, your space-challenging desire to collect tables, your undeniable attraction to the color orange in all its gorgeous variations—you need to write about them.

I’m paraphrasing.

What she actually wrote in her joyous book, If You Want to Write, is…

By painting the sky, Van Gogh was really able to see it and adore it better than if he had just looked at it. In the same way (as I would tell my class), you will never know what your husband looks like unless you try to draw him, and you will never understand him unless you try to write his story.

Don’t know yet what stories I’ll tell, or what I’ll come to understand. But I’ll start by choosing parsley one week, heady lemons on another week, that crazy, spaceship-looking kohlrabi on some week after that. And so on.

I really do have plenty of tables. Feel free to pull up a chair anytime.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Food for thought. I like this. I might start writing about my husband 🙂 And I like the words “pull up a chair”. I’m going to read on. I’m so glad I found out about this. Thank you, Clara. Mary Jane

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