Plentiful Persimmons

This is a picture of a grilled cheese and persimmon sandwich, which I guess looks more like a quesadilla, because I used lavash bread.

image of grilled cheese with persimmon

No matter: choice of bread, choice of cheese (in this case a few small thin slices of a parmesan-gouda blend), and thin slices of half a small persimmon. Into a pan with butter melted over medium heat. Brown on one side and then the other.


Had bought a bunch of persimmons when I saw them just before Thanksgiving. Couldn’t resist them. Sliced several into a simple mixed-greens salad with pumpkin seeds for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mellow sweet flavor, beautiful shade of orange. What’s not to love?

And the good news? I still have some left!


5 thoughts on “Plentiful Persimmons

  1. I always think of you when I have persimmons since you’re the one who first introduced me to them. I just made a batch of persimmon jam this week that is wonderful. I’ll bring you a jar the next time I see you if you’d like!

    • I’d love that! Sounds delicious. And I always think of you when I buy persimmons because didn’t you make a great persimmon parfait for a Thanksgiving once? In fact, I bought some mascarpone cheese when I bought the persimmons, because I think that was in the back of my head. So I think I’ll do something with that next!

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