Ripe Pear and Dill Panini

dill 2 2.8.14A ripe pear is just that much more mellow and sweet. And pears work really nicely with herbs. I’ve paired them with parsley. Cilantro would be lovely. Sage. I have a rosemary sprig sprouting in my kitchen, and I can see roasting or sautéing that with pear.

But right now, it’s all about dill.

And this time it graced a very simple sandwich.

I plugged in my panini press. While that heated up, I thinly sliced half of a small, ripe pear and also some sharp cheddar, and pulled sprigs of dill from their stems. I layered the pears on a slice of whole wheat bread, sprinkled the dill over top, and then laid the cheese on that. Topped with the other slice of bread.

dill 3 2.8.14When the panini press was ready, I brushed some oil on one side of the sandwich, and then placed that side down on the press. Brushed the top of the sandwich with oil, and brought the press lid down.

Those few ingredients and steps created satisfying bite after bite, each one containing mellow pear, a hint of dill, and a little richness from the cheese.

Such a nice lunch.


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