Cozy Little Rich Dish…With Chestnuts

As it gets closer to Christmas, and days are more and more full of things to do, fitting them in before and after other things, it was nice to be able to pull out butternut squash risotto from the freezer in the morning (left over from Thanksgiving) and leave it to thaw in the fridge for dinner later.

chestnuts 3 12.21.13I then continued to my nearby natural foods store before going to work, where I bought, among other items I needed, about three-quarters of a pound of chestnuts from a small basket of them tucked in with the produce. A nice addition to the risotto.

After work, it was nice to know I was coming home to something practically done for dinner. And it did come together pretty easily. I did need to roast chestnuts, but there weren’t that many, and it doesn’t really take that long.

I preheated the oven to 400°, cut an X into the chestnuts. Onto a pan, and into the oven for 15 minutes. When still warm, but able to handle, peeled away the shell and the papery inner layer. Sliced the chestnuts.

I heated extra-virgin olive oil over medium-low heat, to which I added three minced garlic cloves. Added the chestnuts in as I sliced them, brought the heat up to medium. Added a little salt. And also fresh rosemary, maybe a teaspoon’s worth. Stirred it all to coat with oil, warm through.

Then into the pan, four cups of the leftover risotto and two cups of vegetable stock. Brought it to a simmer, adjusted seasoning. When it was warmed through, I added a half-cup of half and half.

chestnuts 1 12.21.13Scooped into two bowls, for my husband and me. Sprinkled grated cheese on top.

What is there to say? Creamy risotto. Mellow garlic. Soft, sweet chestnuts.

Cozy little rich dish.


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