Kohlrabi in the Raw

kohlrabi 2 11.23.13Yes, I sautéed it. Yes, I boiled and mashed it. A friend roasted hers, and thought it delicious.

But versatile kohlrabi also serves up beautifully when raw.

Peel it. Slice it, or cut it into wedges or planks. Eat out of hand. Toss into a salad. Include on a crudité platter.

Or shred it and make a coleslaw.

Recipes abound online for kohlrabi coleslaw. Mine came together because I had bought Pink Lady apples at the farmers market, and I thought the crisp tartness of the apples would go really nicely with the crisp sweetness of kohlrabi.

Four ingredients—kohlrabi, apples, cilantro, lime juice.

I peeled the kohlrabi, cut it in half, and used my mandoline to shred it, making a soft, snowy pile.

I sliced the apples, leaving the green and rosy pink skin on, then cut the slices into matchstick pieces.

Into a bowl with the kohlrabi and apples, I added a generous handful of chopped cilantro, and the juice of one lime. Salt and/or pepper optional. I added a little, but these flavors and textures—crisp, sweet, tart, citrusy—together were enough on their own.

That’s it, that’s the slaw.

kohlrabi 3 11.23.13That evening, I used it in tacos.

Sautéed thin slices of extra-firm tofu, just til beginning to brown. Sliced avocados and cheddar cheese (because cheddar and apples, right?!).

My husband and I filled warmed organic corn tortillas with all the above. The crispness and tartness of the slaw balanced the other mellower ingredients.

We had seconds.


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