Chunky Beet Soup

beets 2 11.2.13I was going to purée it, but when I saw the diced beets and potatoes in the purply red broth simmering in the pot, I decided I preferred it just like that—the beets with their beautiful jewel tone, and the diced potatoes turning a pale orange by then, and on their way to becoming as purply red as their fellow diced partner.

I had intentionally bought the four red beets to make soup. The other two ingredients I already had: a leek and new potatoes. The potatoes because of the creamy texture puréed potatoes give a puréed soup. That’s when I was still thinking I’d be stirring my stick blender into the whole of it for a creamy beet soup.

As olive oil heated up in a pot, I cut the leek lengthwise, rinsing it under the faucet to remove dirt, thinly sliced it, and tossed it into the pot over medium-low heat, moving on to the five small potatoes.

I peeled them, cut them into a dice, and tossed them in as well, seasoning the whole with salt and pepper. Keeping the heat at medium-low, so that everything was cooking, but not cooking too fast til I had all three ingredients in the pot.

beets 1 11.2.13I cut off the ends of the beets, peeled, sliced and diced, all the while enjoying the pattern of color, because raw beets have rings and swirls of purples and reds, and even hints of orange in the right light.

Added them to the pot. Salt and pepper. Stirred everything, turned the heat up to medium, covered the pot, allowing them to cook together til the beets and potatoes were tender.

I added four cups of broth, covered the pot again, brought to a boil, then removed the lid and simmered for a few minutes. Seasoned for taste.


I ladled it into a bowl, dropping a spoonful of plain yogurt on top.

Was going to sprinkle some thinly sliced scallions on top, but, when I went to get them out of the fridge, there were none. All used up in a salad my husband had made earlier. So, instead, I mini-julienned the last small green pepper from our garden, for a little green on top.

Of course, stirring in white yogurt caused creamy fuchsia swirls to mix in with purple jewel tones. More color play.

And for texture play: buttery beet, fluffy potato, softened leek.

For all its deep, rich color, a light, bright soup to eat.


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