Fig Salsa

fig 1 9.1413Last year, when I enjoyed a bit of a personal fig fest, as I was writing about last week, another thing I made that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed was a fig salsa. We had green figs as well as dark purple ones, and they were beautiful together. I’m glad I took pictures to remind myself about it.

It was worth making again.

This time, I had all dark purple figs. The figs alone, cut into a dice,  bring so much color—with their dark skin, the pale inner rim, and then the magenta center.

To the diced figs (eight of them), I added half a small white onion, diced; half a jalapeño, minced; about a tablespoon of roughly chopped cilantro. I would’ve squeezed some lime juice in (pretty sure that’s what I used last time), but the lone lime I reached for in my fridge was past its prime! I added a couple squeezes of lemon juice instead, just to add a citrus note.

Tortilla chips to dip. Delicious again.


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