Cantaloupe and Mint Sorbet

cantaloupe 3 8.24.13The freezing cylinder part of our ice cream maker had been in residence in our freezer for several months. Placed there in anticipation of an ice cream-making session that never happened, it had remained chilled and ready.

From this, you can gather that I don’t make ice cream often! But…sometimes I do. And all because friends thought to give us an ice cream maker years ago as a Christmas gift.

Very low-tech. No electricity involved. You slip the frozen cylinder into an outer case, slide in the center paddle, pour in whatever you’re freezing, put on the lid, attach a handle, and turn!

With a wedge of cantaloupe left in my refrigerator, it seemed a good time to pull that cylinder out of the freezer…and give sorbet a try. Puréed fruit, sweetened, frozen.

I cubed the cantaloupe, and puréed it in three batches in the blender, so as not to jam up the works. I even tossed in the few slices I had left of cantaloupe and cucumber from last week’s post. (I don’t think the cucumber added anything to the flavor, but contributed to the green specks throughout!)

About three and a half cups of cubed cantaloupe became just over two cups of puréed cantaloupe. I added a quarter-cup of honey, one tablespoon at a time til I had the amount of sweetness I wanted. And to that I stirred in finely chopped mint, about four or five leaves’ worth.

That’s it: cantaloupe, mint, honey. Put it in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours, though one hour would be enough. It just needs to be good and cold before going into the ice cream maker, so it’s got a good head start.

Just before pouring the mix into the cylinder, I added a couple splashes of white wine to it. I couldn’t help myself. Crisp white wine just seemed a good idea. (Did I taste it later? Well, in one of my bites, I could’ve sworn I did! Maybe I just wanted to taste it!)

Turned the crank a few times every two or three minutes for 20 minutes, and watched the purée begin to freeze and get firmer. Then container and emerging sorbet into the freezer to firm up a little more.

A leisurely process. Even allowed me time to sit at my desk and knock off several items, intermittently tending to sorbet-making.

A wonderful treat at the end of the day.

Cantaloupe and mint made a very tasty, light sorbet, with the sweetness of the honey rounding it out. And maybe a back note of wine?


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