Dinner for One

I thought I might do some kind of lettuce wrap this week, in keeping with the idea of wraps and rolls that I started last week. It sounded good. I could make several, and they could be my salad offering for  book group, because it was my turn for salad again. And how pretty, all those beautiful green bundles  piled on a plate.

rolls 2 4.20.13But that didn’t happen.

A long weekend out of town, work, most of my available time focused on finishing my book club book in time for our gathering, and an unexpected cough and cold all contributed to a low-energy, do-the-bare-minimum-to-keep-up week.

So the lettuce wraps gave way to a much quicker salad tossed together after work, and then back out the door to meet my friends.

The next evening, my husband’s flight was delayed and then cancelled, due to storms blowing through, and he was rescheduled on a flight for the following day.

So it was dinner for one.

And in the fridge I had leftover salad. Chopped romaine, sliced onion, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, crumbled feta, a little oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Classic combo, very tasty. And still in good shape, romaine leaves being a little sturdier, so not wilted too much from the vinegar. Plus, I hadn’t used a lot of vinegar.

We had a package of garlic-seasoned naan bread in the freezer. In the few minutes that took to heat up in the toaster oven, I made a quick one-egg omelet.

I laid that on the naan. Heaped a nice amount of salad on that.

And rolled it up.

Dinner. Served.


4 thoughts on “Dinner for One

  1. I’m sorry my flight was delayed. This looks good and certainly healthier than the prepackaged salad I had at the Detroit airport.

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